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Around The Globe or Across the Street


Group Link Inc. is a Canadian based financial services provider powered by a suite of comprehensive financial management tools and software residing within a dynamic and proprietary Network. Group Link enables entrepreneurial and financial transactions between Group Link affiliates in a secure and transparent environment. Through the use of the latest financial technologies and techniques the Group Link Network connects associated individuals, businesses, their business sponsored affiliates and clients to their offered services and products.

Built on a 22-year foundation of an 100% PCI compliant Distribution Network which successfully has processed over $1.25 Billion in financial transactions with an up-time service level of 99%+. Group Link is focused on bringing to its managed Business Network a comprehensive and inclusive Customer to Customer (C2C) and Business to Business (B2B) financial platform with world-wide reach based on a best of industry stable, reliable, expandable and secure financial platform with access to both domestic and international market jurisdictions.

Group Link provides through our associated partners best of industry electronic commerce and payment services unmatched in the Canadian financial services sector with e-commerce access to payment processing, Interac Debit cards, prepaid re-loadable MasterCard's, Merchant accounts, POS systems and services, financial transaction processing, electronic fund transfers, and online payment solutions without excessive bank fees.

Group Link in association with Westsphere Systems Inc., one of forty-one founding shareholders of Interac Corp. securely acquires, authenticates, routes, authorizes and settles debit financial transactions across multiple channels. Combined with Group Link's proprietary secure, encrypted database management systems, our secure and financial industry history ensures precise tracking of every transaction, from the receipt of funds to the final “settlement” into virtually any bank account in Canada. Our proprietary software and server network ensures that your money is safe and accounted for, providing the same security clients have counted on for over 22+ years

Group Link supplies access to a complete banking and financial system for safe and secure management of funds with access to electronic money transfers to make or receive payments with access to manage detailed information covering general statistics, sales, payment history, traffic logs and account settlements and settings.

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